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Makerspace: Student Organziations

Welcome to the Xavier University Library Makerspace!

Supporting EngageXU

There are so many ways the Makerspace can help your student organization! Below are just a few examples of how we can work together.


Clubs, honor societies, affinity groupsStudents making buttons

Host meetings in the Makerspace, create buttons/stickers, team building activities

Residence Life

Make hall/door decorations, bring your residents for a hall program

Club/Intramural Sports

Mock up jerseys, swag for teammates

Greek Life

Personalize items for rush, team building activities


This year the Makerspace is offering NEW clubs a FREE swag starter kit for the club! This kit is valued at $25 and a perfect way to get started. Any club now has the option to purchase kits ranging from $25-$100 to fit all your club's swag needs.

For more information, email Leslie Whitford.

Chart detailing club swag kit pricing and materials

How can we help?

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Leslie Whitford

Pricing Information

Until further notice, these materials are completely free for both class and personal projects up to the following:

  • 3D printing up to 50g
  • 20 buttons or magnets
  • 2 sheets of stickers
  • 2 ft of vinyl
  • 1 ft of heat transfer vinyl
  • 1 ft of glitter or cardstock paper

After the above limits are reached, the following pricing structure goes into effect for personal projects (class projects are always free with proof of assignment):

Material Price
3D printing filament 5 cents per gram
2.25" Buttons or Magnets 25 cents each
1.25" Button 10 cents each
Stickers $1 per page
Vinyl $2 per foot
Heat Transfer (Iron On) Vinyl $4 per foot
Glitter or cardstock paper $1 per foot
Materials for laser cutting/etching currently unavailable

Pay with Funds

Need to pay for more supplies in the Makerspace? Complete an Interdepartmental Transfer Form at the end of your Makerspace session!

For more Student Organizations budgeting and funding information, visit the Forms page on the Student Involvement site.

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