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Makerspace: Faculty Resources

Welcome to the Xavier University Library Makerspace!

Makerspace and the Curriculum

The Makerspace offers sessions customized to fit your class - no matter the discipline. Work with your library liaison to make arrangements.

The Makerspace is the perfect place for students to explore their creativity, try new things, make mistakes, build and play, and turn their ideas into reality. The Makerspace also provides faculty with a place to put their creative classroom ideas into action. From 3D printing to scrapbooks, bookbinding to laser etching, Lego robots to chap books, coding, circuitry, programming, and more, the Makerspace offers your students a place to create real-world expressions of the theoretical ideas you discuss on class, find practical solutions to issues as varied as adaptive technologies and population control, and learn activities as unique as historically accurate board games. Check out the Makerspace for Education page to learn more about the benefits of incorporating the Makerspace into your curriculum!

Take a look at some example student projects below.


Senior Thesis Art - this student's work featured 3D printed cubes which allow the audience to interact with her work.

The very first class hosted in the Library's Makerspace - bookmaking!

Education students use a MakeyMakey to play a banana piano.

Occupational Therapy students demonstrate adaptive devices that they designed, customized, and 3d printed.

Education students show off materials they created for their own classrooms.

Tablut, an ancient Viking board game recreated with 3d printed pieces and a laser etched game board designed by a faculty member.

A Makerspace student employee facilitates a session of Girls Who Code.

The Makersapce staffs a booth at the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, 2017. Participants make custom ceramic coasters and buttons.

An Arduino was used to create a humidity and temperature sensor for the Library's Special Collections.

Dr. Segerman laser cuts "happiness tokens" for her First Year Seminar on happiness.

Montessori students laser cut cards to use in their classrooms. The wood is much more durable than cardstock.

A student solders a Joule Thief on Maker Monday.

Custom laser cut acrylic key chains that were produced for a local conference about makerspaces.

Occupational Therapy students demonstrate an assistive device they designed and 3d printed.

This poem was set in written script using our computer-driven AxiDraw.

Students from Ohr Torah love our typewriter!

A student shows off a Christmas wreath made of scrap 3d printing filament and various makerspace materials.

Stress balls made on Maker Monday are the best for finals week.

This customizable guitar petal was assembled using and Arduino and materials from the makerspace. Bring on the metal.

Karla Helton, Office of Academic Support, makes custom laser-cut Blue Blob keyrings for her department's keys.

Engineering can be fun. Students built this ping-pong ball ramp using our Keva planks.

Painted Slimes from the game Slime Rancher

Campus statues scanned With photogrammetry and 3D printed.