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Makerspace: Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Makerspace

Welcome to the Xavier University Library Makerspace!


The course is exploring the integration of creativity in counseling and supervision of counselors. Mental health advocacy and building multicultural competency is the goal for visiting the makerspace.

Incorporating creative activities in to therapeutic practices can benefit patients in their expression of emotions, catharsis and release, self-exploration, empowerment, distraction and relaxation, communication, development of coping skills, reduced resistance, cross-cultural applicability, and engagement of senses.

Advocacy Buttons

Use these templates for making buttons in the Xavier Makerspace!

Puzzle Making with Cricut


1. Download SVG of 9 Piece Puzzle

2. Open new project in Cricut

3. Upload SVG as Complex Image

4. Add To Canvas

6. On canvas, change size to 7.375 x 7.375"

7. Upload square PNG or JPEG of inspiration message with solid color background

8. Add to Canvas

9. On canvas, change size to 7.375 x 7.375"

10. Arrange text image center to puzzle pieces and behind the pieces

11. Select both layers and Attache

12. Click Make It

13. Double check paper size then click Continue

14. Select machine.

15. Send to Print: follow on-screen prompts

16. Select Material and follow on-screen prompts


List of Materials Used

Places to Acquire Supplies Not Provided in the Makerspace