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Makerspace: 3D Printing for Occupational Therapy

Welcome to the Xavier University Library Makerspace!

Find 3D files online

Create 3D Models in Tinkercad, a free online collection of software tools to create 3D models

Saving your 3D model in Tinkercad

  • Export
  • Download
  • Include everything in the design
  • .STL file type

Slicing in Creality Slicer

Filament Options

  • PLA Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Tolerance: +/-0.03
  • Variety of colors!


Submit Your 3D Print Request

  • If there are issues, look for an email from
  • Upload your completed .STL file(s)
  • Include specific instructions in Additional Details

Time Considerations

How much time do I have to learn/use TinkerCAD? How long will the print take? Troubleshooting and remodeling

Tips for Modeling

  • No matter how detailed you get, it’s important to plan dimensions and scale before getting started!
  • Move, Rotate, and Scale are three basic operations vital to orienting, aligning, and customizing your shapes.
  • Start with basic shapes and make sure that as you start building, you are creating your object in the correct scale!

3D Printing Terms

CAD / X, Y, Z Axis / .STL / Slicing / Raft / Supports / Fill / Shells / Infill / Layer Height / Temperature / Speed / Filament / PLA / Extrude / Build Plate / Leveling


3D Printing for OT