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Zotero: Making Research Easy: Quick Start

Zotero is free, cross-platform software used to save, manage, and cite research.

The Short List

  1. Create an account at
  2. Download and install desktop application from Installation help can be found at
  3. Download and install the web browser plug-in of your choice:
  4. Open the Zotero desktop application now installed on your device and log in:
  5. Consult the Zotero Quick Start Guide as you begin navigating the software at
  6. Make sure the Zotero desktop application is open when you're researching--otherwise the web browser plugin won't work!

Zotero Top 10

  1. PDF Reader and Note Editor on desktop application
  2. Selecting default citation style
  3. Creating bibliographies
  4. Word processor plug-ins
  5. Find saved items in your Zotero library
  6. Creating collections and tags
  7. Drag and Drop to add files:
  8. Connect with Research Rabbit: [How to Connect Video]
  9. Join or create Groups to share research:
  10. Track RSS feeds in Zotero:

I am having trouble accessing library resources when using the Zotero Connector browser extension. How can I resolve this?

1) Make sure you are running the latest version of the Zotero Connector extension:

  • Firefox: Version 5.0.104
  • Chrome: Version 5.0.104  
  • Edge: Version 5.0.105

To check which version you are using, right-click on the Zotero Connector extension and select “manage extension”. If the extension is out-of-date, you can update to the latest version via the Zotero website.

2) We also recommend disabling the Zotero proxy redirection. To disable:

  • When the Zotero extension is enabled, if you access a library database, you will get a banner that states “Zotero detected that you are accessing [site] through a proxy. Would you like to automatically redirect future requests to [site]?

Zotero proxy detection banner

  • Here, select “Proxy Settings” from the Banner. You can also access the proxy settings by right clicking on the Zotero Connector extension, then selecting “manage extension”.
  • Next, select “extension options” (Chrome and Edge) or “options” (Firefox), then select the “Proxies” tab.
  • Uncheck the “enable proxy redirection” box. This will stop the Zotero Connector from trying to recognize the library’s proxy.

Zotero proxy settings

If you need additional assistance, please open a ticket.


Need to make a quick bibliography on the go? Check out ZoteroBib: