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Zotero: Making Research Easy: Home

Zotero is free, cross-platform software used to save, manage, and cite research.

What is Zotero?

Zotero is free, cross-platform software that is used to collect your research in one place. Zotero [zuh·teh·row] not only collects citations, but also PDFs of full text articles when possible. It allows grouping of research into searchable collections while adding your own notes and tags. It can then export a bibliography in a variety of styles for your research paper!

Zotero can be also used on Android, ChromeOS, and iOS devices by using an in-browser bookmarklet. This does require a Zotero account


Zotero - Downloads, documentation, and creating an account (a free account is not required to use Zotero, only to use Zotero cloud storage)

ZotFile - Free Zotero plugin that creates Zotero notes from PDF annotations and provides batch import/renaming operations.

ZoteroBib - Helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software.

Installing Zotero in Firefox

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Using your personal computer:

  • Navigate to the Zotero download page and download and run the Zotero installer for your platform
  • After software installation has completed, install the browser connector for either Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera
  • Restart your browser if needed
  • Launch the Zotero program


You will see a new button on your browser's toolbar which will save the article or web site you are currently viewing to Zotero.

Using your Xavier issued computer:

NEW in Zotero 6

With Zotero 6, you can now:

  • Open PDFs in a new built-in reader within the main Zotero window, in a new tabbed interface
  • Clean up metadata for items while viewing your PDFs
  • Mark up PDFs with highlights, notes, and image annotations
  • Add annotations to Zotero notes with automatic citations, in a powerful new note editor
  • Cite other items directly in notes using Zotero’s familiar citation dialog
  • Insert notes into your Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs documents with active Zotero citations for automatically generating bibliographies
  • Export notes to external Markdown editors with links back to Zotero items and PDFs

For more information:

If you’re already running Zotero, you can upgrade from within Zotero by going to Help → “Check for Updates…”.

Digital Initiatives Librarian

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Leslie Whitford


Zotero offers more functionality than what is noted here, so take some time to explore! It can really enhance your research and save substantial time when due dates are looming. Take a look at Zotero's documentation for help.