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Core Flag Oral Communication: Design an OCF

Oral Comm Flagged Course Description

The goal of an OCF course is to assist students in obtaining the discipline-specific oral communication skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their professional field. 

Upon completing an OCF course in their major, students will be able to adapt messages in a variety of communication contexts, organize information effectively, advocate a supported opinion on complex topics, critique challenging messages with respect, and present messages through a variety of modalities.

If you are interested in offering an OCF course, complete the OCF prospectus. While you are not required to submit your course syllabus initially, you must submit your OCF course syllabus BEFORE teaching your course.

Complete this Prospectus

For assistance with developing discipline-specific SLO's, plan to attend the CTE Workshop

Support Materials for completing the Prospectus

Samples of Approved OCF Courses and Syllabi