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Welcome to the Oral Communication Flagged Course Resource Page

This Electronic Resource Page was created to assist you in designing and developing an Oral Communication Flagged (OCF) Course.

Resources include:

1. How to design an OCF course.

2. Support materials (by SLO) for teaching and learning. 

The teaching and learning materials include documents(content-based resources), links to resources from other universities, engaged learning activities for your classroom, subject based videos, and rubrics.

3. Faculty contributions tab.

This tab was designed to host resources submitted by faculty as they develop OCF courses in the disciplines.

How to use this Resource

1. Click on the Design an OCF course  tab to complete the prospectus.

2. Submit your completed prospectus to the OCF Committee


Attend the OCF workshop series for support in developing your discipline specific SLO's, Assignments, and Assessments.

3. Use the support materials to Develop your upper-level discipline-specific OCF course.

4. Submit your completed OCF course syllabus to the Oral Comm Committee BEFORE your OCF course begins.

How to contribute to this Resource

The "Faculty Contributions" tab hosts teaching/learning materials submitted by faculty across disciplines. If you have material you would like to share please email your documents, videos, links to Ashley Hinck at


Calendar of Events and Info

  • Ashley Hinck, Communication (Committee Chair)
  • Hanna Wetzel, Biology (CAS)
  • Ashley Varol, Sports Science & Management (CPS)
  • Matthew Regele, Management & Entrepreneurship (WCB)

OCF submissions are now being accepted

  Oral Communication Flag Workshops

No workshops are currently scheduled. 


 Questions regarding OCF course submission can be directed to Thomas Wagner

Exploring Oral Communication Flagged Courses 

If you are interested in joining an Oral Comm Faculty Learning Community contact the Center for Teaching Excellence.