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Course Based Undergraduate Research


The purpose of this guide is to introduce the course based undergraduate research (CURE) model. In this guide, you will find information about the value of undergraduate research experiences, information about CUREs, and examples of CUREs implemented in various academic disciplines. There is also information on avenues for dissemination of research results and library support.

This guide was created as part of the Xavier Faculty Learning Community, Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences. In this FLC, we aimed to learn more about CUREs, how they could be conducted in a sustainable manner, and to consider connections to Xavier's mission and values. While traditionally associated with STEM fields, we also examined how CUREs could be implemented in the humanities and social sciences. The team members of the FLC are:

  • Dr. Stephen Mills, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department (FLC Co-Facilitator)
  • Dr. Thomas Wagner, Associate Professor, Communication Department (FLC Co-Facilitator)
  • Dr. Adam Azman, Senior Teaching Professor, Chemistry Department
  • Dr. David Gerberry, Associate Professor, Mathematics Department
  • Dr. Heidrun Schmitzer, Professor and Chair, Physics Department
  • Dr. Kathleen Timmerman, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
  • Katy Tucker, MLIS, Electronic Resources & Acquisitions Librarian, University Library
  • Dr. Mack Mariani, Professor, Political Science Department
  • Dr. Mollie McIntosh, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Dr. Victor Ronis-Tobin, Director, Center for Population Health
  • Dr. Wilber Escorcia, Assistant Professor, Biology

Undergraduate Research at Xavier