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Theology and Religion: Searching for Scripture

Library resources for theology and religion

Sacred Texts of Other World Religions

Searching for Biblical Text in Oxford Biblical studies Online

Oxford Biblical Studies Online offers a tool for searching by Bible verse.

1. Select bible verse lookup

2. Select Bible

3. Enter Book, Chapter, and verse.


4. Select Lookup

Search for Articles about Bible Citations in ATLA

Navigate to ATLA Religion Database

1. Select the database tab on the library's homepage.

2. In the field Search for Databases by Title,  enter ATLA Religion Database.

3. Select ALTA Religion Database.

Bible Citation Search

1. At the top of the screen, mouse over to More and a link to Indexes should appear. Click on Indexes.

ATLA Indexes screenshot

2. Use the button to the right of Select and pick Bible Citation.

3. Once you have selected Bible Citation, type your biblical reference into the search box. See example below.

4. Click the Browse button to see if your bible citation is listed.

5. The next screen shows a number of references to articles which deal with either all or a portion of your biblical references. Click on the entries which apply to your book, chapter, and verses:

6. Click the Add button to add these references to the search box.

7. Click Search and results which pertain to your bible references should appear.