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Theology and Religion: Searching for Scripture

Library resources for theology and religion

Sacred Texts of Other World Religions

Search for Articles about Bible Citations in ATLA

Navigate to ATLA Religion Database

1. Select the database tab on the library's homepage.

2. In the field Search for Databases by Title,  enter ATLA Religion Database.

3. Select ALTA Religion Database.

Bible Citation Search

1. At the top of the screen, click Scriptures.

2. This brings you to a list of books of the Bible. Either click the book you are interested in to see all articles pertaining to that book, or click [Expand] to see a chapter listing.

3. Under the chapter listing, you can click the chapter you are looking for, or click [Expand] to see verse-by-verse.

4. Click the verse. Selecting "Genesis 6:4" will bring up all articles relating to only that verse, as well as that verse in a larger range: for example, Genesis 6:1-4 or Genesis 1-11.