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Theology and Religion: Background: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Library resources for theology and religion

Reference works about Religion (Online)

Background sources such as encyclopedias and handbooks provide well established summary and factual information. These sources can be used for:

  • understanding basic concepts and viewpoints,
  • gathering historical context, and
  • identifying specialized terms and definitions.

Reference works about Religion (Print)

How to find physical reference works in the library catalog: You can find encyclopedias and dictionaries in the library catalog by selecting the Books tab on the library homepage and using the terms 'encyclopedia' or 'dictionary' in your search. Example keyword search: "Islam encyclopedia."

How to find physical reference works in the library building: Most encyclopedias and dictionaries can be found in the 3rd floor Reference section of McDonald Library, near the entrance to the Conaton Learning Commons. Reference materials may be used within the library.

How to cite reference works: Cite encyclopedias and dictionaries using Chicago Style.