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Library Research Tutorial

Subject Databases


Databases are collections of information sources that offer research materials specific to subject disciplines.

How to Find Databases

From the library homepage, select the "Databases" tab.


Selecting Databases

Use the "All Subjects" dropdown menu to see all of the subject areas available.


Databases by Subject

When researching, think about the subjects that are a part of your topic. What subject areas are included in your topic?

Select subject databases that are relevant to your topic.

For example, if you're topic is how does packaging color affect consumer purchasing decisions, you would consider subject databases that cover Marketing and also Psychology.


Database List by Subject

Let's begin by selecting Marketing databases. There are 12 Marketing databases available.

Under each database title, there is a description of what the database contains.

Read the descriptions of each database to decide which ones will work best for finding information sources for your topic.

Help with Databases

Many databases have a similar look and feel to "Advanced Searching" in Search@XU with the 3 search boxes and ways to refine your search results. Some have unique interfaces. Please ask a librarian for help navigating any databases that you think may be useful to your research.


Databases by Subject Video: