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Library Research Tutorial

Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles

Go to the Library homepage,, to begin searching in the library resources.

There are 2 ways to search:

  1. Basic Search using Search@XU on the Library Home page. This preliminary search will help you learn more about your topic.

  2. Advanced Search by selecting the "Advanced Search" under the browser. This will offer the options for more advanced search strategies.


Basic Search in Search@XU

This is a great place to start when you have a topic selected, but aren't sure yet what specifically you want to learn about it.

Type your topic into the browser available on the library homepage.

Basic Search

For example, if you want to know how about artificial intelligence, but aren't sure what about it yet, try a Basic Search.

Basic Search Example

Look through the results to begin learning more about your topic.

Advanced Search in Search@XU

Select the "Advanced Search" option available under the Basic search browser on the library homepage.

This will give you 3 search boxes to use instead of just one. This allows you to focus in on your specific topic more precisely.

Here is an example of how to use the 3 Advanced Search boxes to focus your search on your exact topic.

For this example, I want to know how the colors on packages in stores impacts my purchasing decisions.

Video Tutorial for Advanced Searching:

Accessing Journal Articles

Once you have your results in Search@XU, here's how to access the articles:

  1. Select the PDF icon labeled "PDF Full Text" to access a copy of the article. 
  2. If the "PDF Full Text" option is not available, click the "FIND IT @ XU" icon to determine if the article is available electronically. After selecting Find It @ XU, click on one of the available links to access the article. 
  3. If no full text is available from the "Find It @ XU" links, click on this link Request an item from Xavier and non-Xavier collections to request the article through the library’s interlibrary loan system. Articles will be delivered electronically to your interlibrary loan account and you will receive an email with instructions on how to access them.
  4. Download or Print  from the upper right corner of the copy of the article.