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Topic Worksheet

Topic Worksheet


Build a Keyword List

Once you have read your assignment, know what types of sources you need and have selected and explored your topic, use the below "Topic Worksheet" to begin building a list of keywords on your topic.

The Topic Worksheet below will help you organize your thoughts on your topic and come up with a list of terms and keywords, related to your topic that you can use to begin your searches.

Use the Topic Worksheet during your entire search process, especially while finding sources, as you discover even more about your topic based on the search results you find.


Topic Worksheet Example

Here is an example of a filled out Topic Worksheet to help clarify how this tool can help you develop your topic and continue your searches.

Blank Topic Worksheet

  1. Begin by saving a copy of the blank Topic Worksheet document to your device.
  2. Fill in your topic or thesis statement at the top.
  3. Spend some time thinking about your topic. What about your topic do you want to know? What is interesting about it? Fill in the 3 main Concepts. Use the Topic Exploration resources to help with this if needed.
  4. Then, brainstorm all of the words you can think of under each Concept.