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Library Research Tutorial

Library Research Process

What is Research?

  • Research is the investigation of a topic
  • Research is looking for information that informs your topic
  • Research is finding reliable sources
  • Research is not seeking information to prove what you already think, such as your opinion, point or bias

Why do you need sources?

  • Research is about gathering facts from information sources
  • Research is the only way to explore and learn more about your topic
  • Reliable sources are the only way that you can speak truthfully about your topic

Research is a process

It requires:

  • knowing the assignment requirements
  • time to fully explore a topic
  • discovery to learn more about your topic, and not seeking to prove your point or opinion
  • understanding the wide variety of information sources available
  • knowing what is credible information and what is not
  • academic honesty, including giving proper credit to the authors of your sources of information