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Core Flag Writing: Courses Approved for Flag

This library guide is designed for Xavier faculty who are teaching a course designated as a Writing Flag course or who are interested in designing such a course.

Approved Courses

All are for courses by "any instructor" except where noted:

ACCT 490 (Weickgenannt): Auditing

APEX 100: Leadership and Transformation

ATTR 420: Athletic Training Education Program

BIOL 270 (Ray), 411: Introduction to Entomology 

BIOL 411: Human Physiology Laboratory 

BUAD 225: Business and Professional Communication

BUAD 484 (Faruq): Doing Business in South America

CHEM 341 (Bange): Instrumental Analysis Lab 

CJUS 206 (Hurst): Criminology

CLAS 236: Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece

CLAS 239: Ancient Literature, Magic, and the Occult 

COMM 206: Writing for the Media

COMM 237: Elements of Copy and Design

COMM: 371: Public Relations Writing

CSCI 300: Programming Languages 

DIFT 25: Screenwriting and Story Craft

ECON 370 (Kosack): Historical Development of the American Economy 

EDEG 210: Early Childhood Development

EDEL 354/654: Aspects of Language and Sociolinguistics

EDFD: Human Development

EDMC 212: Nature and Needs of Adolescents

ENGL 201: Writing About Texts 

ENGL 305: Professional Writing 

ENGL 309: Creative Writing—Poetry

ENGL 310: Creative Writing—Fiction

ENGL 312: Technical Writing 

ENGL 315: Composition Tutoring 

ENGL 318: Creative Nonfiction 

ENGL 319: Writing as Social Action

ENGL 320 (Winkelmann): Topics in Linguistics/Feminist Post-Structural Discourse Analysis

ENGL 337/537: Theories and Research in Writing 

ENGL 339: Digital Writing

ENGL 429: (O'Leary): Renaissance Drama: Revenge on the Early Modern Stage

ENGR 245: Electronics and Electronics Lab

ENGR 398: Senior Design Project II

ESLG 130: Advanced Reading and Writing

HESA 101: Introduction to the US Healthcare System

HESA 110: Medical Terminolgy

HIST 153 (Smythe): Africa's Past, Our Future

HIST 201 (Whipple): Europe: Reformation to the Present 

HIST 247: United States, Contact to Civil War

HIST 300: Writing in Public

HIST 319 (Whipple): Health in Modern Britain

HOCS 403: Creative and Systematic Inquiry I

LATN 212: Vergil's Aeneid

MATH 225: Foundations of Higher Mathematics 

MATH 393: Mathematics Seminar III

MGMT 201: Business and Professional Communication

MKTG/SPMG 362: Professional Selling Practicum

MUSC 310: Music History III—Seminar

NURS 370: Introduction to Nursing Research

PHIL 308: Late Modern Philosophy

PHIL 391: Heidegger 

PHIL 404 (Konopka): Topics in Contemporary Philosophy: Environmental Justice

PHYS 355: Advanced Lab

POLI 359: Campaigns, Elections and Parties

POLI 395: Campaign Internship

POLI 399: Political Communication Internship

PSYC 221/223: Research Methods and Design Lecture and Lab

SOCI 316 (Schaefer): Social Policy and Contemporary Issues

SUST 495 (Sauers): Capstone Experience in Sustainability

THEO 295 (Madges): Senior Seminar—Ideas and Methods

THEO 303 (Mescher): Christian Ethics: Methods and Questions

THEO 310 (Mescher): Marriage and Family

THEO 313 (Mescher): Christian Sexual Ethics

THEO 351: Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures

THTR 206: Theater History II