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Core Flag Writing: Proposing a Writing Flag Course

This library guide is designed for Xavier faculty who are teaching a course designated as a Writing Flag course or who are interested in designing such a course.

Proposing a Writing Flag Course

First, be sure that you understand the requirements for a Writing Flag course, detailed in the boxes below (and available below in  PDF form). The proposal and syllabus should address the requirements explicitly.  Your course might be a fantastic course in your field while also not meeting the requirements above. Simply assigning writing does not meet the requirements.  Be explicit in telling us how your course does meet the requirements.  

The proposal form and the submission link is available on Nexus (search for Writing Flag) and below.  Submissions must be sent through the Nexus site.  Department Chairs must indicate approval when they receive the proposal notifications if they want the proposal to reach the Writing Flag committee. Incomplete submissions, or those lacking enough information, are unlikely to secure course approval.  If your submission is declined, please refer to the resources on this library guide before revising and resubmitting.

The Writing Flag Committee reviews proposals on an ongoing basis, but proposers must meet deadlines for approval for specific semesters.  

Dept. Chairs: For courses with multiple sections/and or instructors, the department ideally should submit a single proposal and syllabus that outlines how the course meets the Writing Flag requirements. It is understood that, although individual instructors may teach the course somewhat differently, it is the responsibility of the department for ensuring that all sections of approved courses meet the requirements of the Flag. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the department to ensure that its Writing Flag-designated courses, following their approval, continue to adhere to the requirements. 

Direct questions to Annie Ray, Writing Flag Chair:, 513-745-2054

Submitting a Proposal for a Writing Flag Course

You must submit your proposal for approval by the Writing Flag Committee via the form/link on Sharepoint (formerly Nexus):