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Core Flag Writing: Xavier's Writing Center

This library guide is designed for Xavier faculty who are teaching a course designated as a Writing Flag course or who are interested in designing such a course.

Writing Center Services

The James A. Glenn Writing Center provides free services to all members of the Xavier community--undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty.  The tutors in the center can help at any stage of the writing process:  understanding an assignment, generating ideas, drafting, organizing, revising, editing (addressing sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation concerns), and documenting sources. 

The Writing Center does not provide proof-reading services, where a writer drops off an essay for tutors to 'fix' before the writer picks it up again. Tutors will, however, do something better: they'll sit down with writers, assisting them in learning how to proofread for their own particular pattern of errors and to edit their own work.

Location: CLC 400