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Core Flag Quantitative Reasoning: QR-Flag Description for Syllabi

QR-Flag Description for Syllabi

The following paragraph must be included included on all syllabi of courses carrying the QR flag. Ideally, this paragraph will be accompanied by an explanation to the student of how these items relate to and/or appear in the course. Such explanation can occur within, or after the following paragraph...

In courses with the QR flag, you will practice making sense of quantitative information and interpreting this information in the context of the course material. One of the goals of the QR-flagged course is to lead students towards carefully and precisely presenting quantitative information as well as inferences that such information permits, within the broader disciplinary context. A portion of the course will be devoted to your reading, communicating, and reasoning with quantitative information, as such information provides an oft-neglected perspective and can lead to conclusions which otherwise might not have been possible. The insights gained from the quantitative aspects, in concert with other perspectives, will help you form a more rigorous and robust understanding of the broader course topic(s).