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Core Flag Quantitative Reasoning: Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning

Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning

Below are links to two of the papers which helped form the foundation for our thinking in the QR Flag Committee. We recommend reading these articles to better understand what QR is prior to writing your proposals.

A paper by Lynn Arthur Steen, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at St. Olaf College:


(In case you have trouble accessing the first article using the link provided above, below is the relevant citation:

Steen, L. A. (1999). Numeracy: The new literacy for a data-drenched society. Educational Leadership, 57, 8-13.)


A paper by Bernard L. Madison, Professor in the department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arkansas:


‚Äč(The second article can only be accessed through the link provided above from Xavier's network; once you access the link, click on "PDF Full Text" at the left.)