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Study Abroad - Greece

Xavier University's Greece Summer Study Abroad Information.

May 25

Watch these brief videos and read these brief essays on the sites and monuments past and present you will see today. The theme of the Greece Program is Past and Present, and we dive into that theme by visiting places connected to ancient and modern Greece.

National Gardens and Zappeion Gardens

This website provides a quick overview of both the National Gardens and the Zappeion Gardens, which we walk through on the way to the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Be sure to return when you can and enjoy the quiet shade. 


This website provides a quick overview of the Zappeion Gardens.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

This Website (Link): has a quick overview on the Temple of Olympian Zeus

This quick overview video (Link) includes a two-minute video of the temple from different perspectives with views of the Acropolis and other parts of the city.

This University of Chicago website (Link) contains good background on the Temple of Olympian Zeus'  construction, which underwent several phases over many centuries. Stop reading at the paragraph "Then, in AD 267, Athens was sacked by the Heruli, a Germanic tribe from the Black Sea region (Zosimus, New History, I.39) and the temple burned, as was the Painted Agora, the ruins being used to build a new inner circuit of protective walls." BTW: don't be a Herulian ...