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All For One: Student Success and Support Guide: Student Concerns

Guide to resources that supports Xavier students well-being. Materials and links to sites that provide support for health, wellness, academic support, disability services, student involvement, and student success.

Xavier University Student Concern Resources

As a student, may find yourself in a situation in which you come across a fellow classmate whose personal behavior concerns or worries you, either for the classmate’s well-being or yours. When either situation is the case, students are encouraged to share this information for resource information and potential accommodations.

You are also encouraged to report this information via Xavier’s Student of Concern form:  The form is on the Student Hub and is in the middle of the page next to Events.

Further resources are listed below.  

For Questions or Updates related to the information in this guide please contact Kelly Austin : or Michelle Early:

Xavier Advocacy Coordinator

Xavier Advocacy Coordinator

The Xavier Advocacy Coordinator provides confidential support, information and advocacy for those affected by harassment, discrimination, relationship violence, sexual assault, rape and stalking during business hours.

After hours, Women Helping Women (513-381-5610) provides advocacy services to all Xavier students and will connect students to the Advocacy Coordinator. 

Click here for more information on Advocacy and Support Services

Click here for advocate contact information. 

Title IX Office

Title IX Office 

The Title IX Office investigates reports of sex discrimination, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence and stalking, as well as facilitates a prompt, equitable process to resolve those complaints. 

Click here for more information. 

Phone: 513-745-3046

Care Management Services

Care Management Services

The area of Care Management in the Dean of Students Office is area is to support students through challenges, connect them to appropriate campus and community resources, promote growth in self-advocacy, and empower students to navigate toward their own solutions and shape their own lives. The Director of Care Management and Care Management Coordinator work collaboratively across the institution to develop support plans that provide a caring and seamless student learning experience.

Additionally those working in Care Management at Xavier operates in a non-clinical capacity and is not able to provide counseling or therapy to students, though would quickly connect students to those resources if appropriate. The Director of Care Management receive all referrals for X-ACT that are designated emotional concerns. Click here for the Dean of Students website. 

Phone: 513-745-4391

Office of Residence Life

Office of Residence Life 

The Residence Life staff (including Hall Directors and Resident Assistants) support students in their personal growth while challenging them to successfully achieve their academic goals. HDs and RAs are often a student’s most direct connection to University resources. If you live on campus, contact the main office or your Hall Director or Area Coordinator for any needs.

Click here for the Office of Residence Life website.  

Phone: 513-745-3203

Advocacy and Prevention Services

Advocacy and Support Services

The Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator provides holistic support, empowering survivors to access resources related to any aspect of life that is impacted by sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, or harassment. Services are provided free-of-charge.

An advocate connects people seeking assistance to resources and can accompany them to appointments, including medical, legal, administrative, and academic appointments.

The Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator can be reached directly Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm through the XU campus advocacy helpline at 513-904-9013. This helpline can also be used to schedule an appointment if you are more comfortable talking with an advocate in person. An advocate will make every effort to meet at the earliest convenience of the person seeking support. An advocate can also be reached in the office at 513-745-2866 or via email at Please remember that email is not appropriate for confidential discussions. 

Click here for more information. 

Xavier Action and Care Team (X-ACT)

Xavier Action and Care Team (X-ACT)

X-ACT is an advisory group that provides support and assistance to students who may be experiencing emotional distress and exhibiting at-risk or threatening behaviors. If you would like to report a fellow student of concern, please submit an online referral through the Student Hub (student Concern report) or the Dean of Students website: or contact the Dean of Students at 513-745-3166.  If there is an immediate threat or danger to yourself or the student of concern, please call Xavier Police immediately at 513-745-1000. 

Bias Advisory Response Team (BART)

Bias Advisory Response Team (BART)  

BART is an advisory group that plays an important role in developing proactive and educational initiatives that will minimize the occurrence of bias incidents on campus in addition to ensuring consistent approaches to incident responses. To report an incident contact the Dean of Students at 513-745-3166, contact XUPD at 513-745-1000 or click here to submit a report online