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Guide to resources that supports Xavier students well-being. Materials and links to sites that provide support for health, wellness, academic support, disability services, student involvement, and student success.

Who we are.


We are Xavier Musketeers-All for One and One for all. As members of the Xavier University community, the Jesuit value of Cura Personalis invites us to care for others recognizing the uniqueness and wholeness of each person and their situation. As such, we each share a personal responsibility to express care for one another and to ensure that this classroom and the campus community remains a healthy and safe environment for learning and growth. The following resources provided in this guide are here to help you find support for academics, health and wellness, student involvement, and general needs. Xavier University wants to make sure you have all of the resources that you will need for a successful university experience.

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For Questions or Updates related to the information in this guide please contact Kelly Austin : or Michelle Early:

Student Handbook

Xavier Student Handbook

The Xavier Student Handbook includes expectations, policies, and the code of student conduct found in the Student Handbook have been established to assure respect for oneself and others. Students are held accountable for inappropriate behavior both on-campus and off-campus and there are consequences to unwise decisions and choices if a student is found to be responsible for violations. 

Click here to access the Student Handbook. 

Return to Campus

The health and safety of the Xavier community is at the forefront of all University policies in response to COVID-19. To enable the full and safe reopening of campus in the fall, we will all need to do our part to keep each other healthy and safe.  Information regarding: Spring 2021 Semester Schedule, Health & Wellness, Student Life, Academics, Housing & Dining, etc.. are provided here:

Important Contact Information

On Campus Crisis Numbers

XUPD will assist with crisis intervention in all situations and has access 24/7 to an on campus counselor

Xavier University Police Department Emergency Line: 513-745-1000

Xavier University Police Department Non-Emergency Line:  513-745-2000

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students supports Xavier's efforts to promote student success, wellness and integrity. Through programs, resources and services that help students make healthy and responsible choices the Dean of Students staff members work with students, faculty and staff to build a safe and inclusive Xavier community. 

Student Concern Form

Student Concern Form

We are Xavier Musketeers and as Musketeers we are All for One, One for All. If you are struggling or know a fellow Muskie that is struggling, use this button to consult with someone for help. If you are in immediate crisis or a fellow student is an immediate crisis, or there is a threat of harm to self or others, please call XUPD at 513-745-1000.

Student Concern Form (click for form)

Challenges Securing Food or Housing

Food or Housing Insecurity

For any student who facing challenges securing food or housing and believes this may affect their performance in the course, you are urged to contact Cindy Stieby, Coordinator for the X-Path Program, or Angie Kneflin, Director of Care Management through the following e-mail address: The store is open on Fridays in gazebo area of the Village apartments from 3pm-5pm or by appointment through Cindy or Angie. Furthermore, please notify me if you are comfortable doing so. This will enable me to provide additional resource information and discuss potential accommodations. 

Food and Housing Insecurity (click for more information)