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Using Library eBooks: EBSCO

Access EBSCO eBooks in your Browser

From the library's catalog, select "EBSCO eBooks: Connect to title online"


1) PDF Full Text: Select this option to open the entire eBook in your web browser. You can read, search within the title, and in some cases, print or download portions of the text.
2) Full Download: Select this option to check out and download the eBook for offline reading.


Download EBSCO eBooks for Offline Reading

After selecting option 2, sign in with your EBSCO account (or create one if you haven't already). This is separate from your Xavier University (email) account and uses a different user name and password combination.


Select how long you want to check the book out and your preferred available file format.


Check the box indicating that you have Adobe Digital Editions installed (installation instructions), then select "Full Download." Open the downloaded file in Adobe Digital Editions to read the book. Your "borrowed" eBook will automatically be "returned" and stop working after the timeframe you selected passes.

Instructions for reading EBSCO eBooks on mobile devices can be found on EBSCO's support page.