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First-Year Seminar for Faculty: Campus Resources

Core Connections

FYS lays the foundation for the Core and connects especially with Goa and E/RS.

You may wish to bring up points of contact between your CORE 100 classes and the discussions students will have in their Goa sections. 

Fall 2024 Goa Schedule


Week 1: Welcome to GOA. Students will learn about the resources and services available here on campus, including academic advising, career advising, success coaches, financial aid, health & wellness, etc.


Week 2: Personal Wellbeing. Students learn strategies and resources for maintaining and restoring balance between physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, social, community, purpose and spiritual pillars. This includes a list of on-campus resources. 


Week 3: Resilience and Mindset. Students will review three components of resiliency: emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. In addition, they will learn difference between a fixed and a growth mindset


Week 4: Academic Strategies. Students will review personal strategies for academic success and identify campus resources to help with academic success.


Week 5: Keys to Success  Students will develop personal strategies for academic success, learn how to use Self Service tools to evaluate degree progression, and Identify steps to prepare for course registration.


Week 6: Reflection. Students will present on what you have learned about yourself during these first six weeks.

Campus Resources

Student Domestic Travel Policy. Please refer to this policy for any trips with your First-Year Seminar that are over 20 miles from campus or require an overnight stay.

X-ACT: The Xavier Action and Care Team is a collaborative, interdisciplinary advisory group that meets to provide support and assistance to students who may be experiencing emotional distress and exhibiting at-risk or threatening behaviors. You can alert X-ACT to any student through an on-line reporting site.

Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice

Career Development Office

What's it like in Xavier's residence halls?  A very brief video from Brockman, courtesy of Angie Kneflin.

Poster Printing: templates, order form

The Rule of Three: Advice to students on their extra-curricular activities, and a list of Xavier clubs

Goa Modules

What's happening in Goa? These files describe Goa sessions for Fall 2015. They will be updated by September 1 for Fall 2017.