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First-Year Seminar for Faculty: Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Diversity and Inclusion Pedagogy

While diversity and inclusion are not on the list of required class elements for CORE 100, all of our course topics can easily be viewed through this lens. In addition, there is a concerted effort across Xavier to think more intentionally about how first-year students encounter diversity in varying programs, from Road to Xavier, to Manresa, to Goa. FYS can be a part of this, if in our CORE 100 classes, we model the ways in which diversity is part of all topics, all conversations, all meditations on the greater good.


Check out this LibGuide by Jodi Wyett (on behalf of GDST), loaded with materials to support the teaching of diversity and inclusion.

You should also feel free to contact the staff at the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), for resources and instructional support, or for collaborative teaching possibilities.

Goa Materials

In Goa, first-year students will experience two modules that directly address diversity and inclusion. In CORE 101 (Fall semester), there will be a module focused on microaggressions and implicit bias. In the Spring CORE 102 classes, students will have a module focused on white privilege and defining oppression. Once the teaching materials are available for these, they will be posted here, along with the dates of these modules. You may wish to incorporate course discussions related to these Goa sessions at the same time your students are attending them.

Lesson Plans from CORE 100

Here are a selection of lesson plans taught by CORE 100 faculty that integrate discussion of diversity and inclusion into course material.

Having Difficult Conversations

Community Engagement Opportunities

The Eigel Center for Community Engaged Learning is happy to support interested FYS instructors who wish to develop community-engaged experiences for their CORE 100 students. This can be a great way to help your students think through diversity in their lived experience of Cincinnati.

Online diversity resources