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Xavier Library and Instructional Design and Technology Digital Accessibility Resource Guide

Student and Faculty information pertaining to library resources and accessibility of those resources for all

Xavier University Library Digital Accessibility

Xavier University Library Recommended Minimum Digital Accessibility Requirements for Published Documents

Authors will be responsible for the following:

  • File includes full text. For example, you cannot have a picture of your title page because a screen reader cannot read it.
  • Color contrast (typed information must be black font on a white page. See Accessibility Tools for more help).
  • Document Properties are filled in (title and author).
  • Document Language is set to English.
  • Bookmarks are created for all first level headings (Sections and Chapter Headings).
  • Text identifiable headings for each major topic change (first level headings - see above).
  • Alternate text for images, figures, schemes, and equations.
  • PDF accessibility permission flag is checked.

Accessibility: Full Check in MS Word

Once you have done your best to make your document accessible, use Word's built in Accessibility Checker.

  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Select the Info Pane.
  3. Find Inspect Document.Inspect Document
  4. Select Check for Issues.
  5. Select Check Accessibility.
  6. Your document opens and a new pane shows on the right side of the screen.Accessibility Checker Panel Word
  7. For further information, please visit the Microsoft Word page. on the WebAIM website.

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