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Ohio Assessments for Educators resources

Ohio Assessments for Educators Information

See Ohio Assessments for Educators for information about test dates, locations, fees, and more.

See also Required OAE tests to know which tests you need to take.

Online access to OAE test study guides by Mometrix are available to the XU community. 

Use your XU login and password to access.  Look for OAE Study Guides by selecting the Teaching option.

The XU Library has select OAE test preparation booklets available on Reserve which may be checked out for 7-days.  Each book contains helpful information and one practice test.  

Practice Test Answer grid can be used with online study guide.

Additional Resource / Other states

Many states have specialized tests or may require the PRAXIS tests.

Xavier and Ohio Libraries provide access to Ohio Means Jobs which includes Career and test preparation materials.  In this resource create an account, or click on the Link to Access Learning Express Anonymously and then do a Keyword search for PRAXIS.  These tests are interactive online.

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