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E/RS: Ethics / Religion and Society: Home

What is E/RS?

The Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS) Program endeavors to realize Xavier University's mission and philosophy of education by providing substantive opportunities for the ethical and/or religious analysis of socially significant issues. In keeping with its Catholic and Jesuit tradition, Xavier promotes critical attention to the underlying philosophical and theological implications of issues as well as encourages a worldview that is engaged with issues of peace and justice and oriented to responsible action. Xavier believes it is important for its students to learn to analyze societal issues critically in terms of human values and to develop a sense of compassionate solidarity and service.

E/RS Lectures and Events: Imagining the Good: Community, Equality, and Environment

Imagining the Good: Community, Equality, and Environment: The concept of the good is at the heart of ethical and religious reflection, particularly when that reflection is aimed at imagining how we can improve our society. Imagination is not only future directed as it appears to be when we consider imagining a better social condition; it is also historical since we must imagine potential ways of understanding our current or past condition. The lecture series will focus on imagining, in this dual sense, how to understand and improve our communities, our democracy, and our environment. The lecture series will host a number of large public events aimed at drawing attention to the E/RS program and bringing the Greater Cincinnati community into dialogue with the Xavier community. The lecture series will also host a number of smaller events aimed at integrating E/RS into the lives of students and faculty.