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Why should I care? Copyright can be a frustrating, contentious law. But the bottom line is that if you didn't write, record, compose or design it, it isn't yours. So you have to know something about copyright when you want to reuse anyone else's work.

This guide includes critical information for students about copyright: answers to the most common questions, links to resources, and more. The goal is to assist you in finding answers to your copyright questions and to lead you to resources that can help you make your own decisions regarding copyright.

Public Domain

A work in the public domain is no longer under copyright and can be freely used without seeking permission from the creator or former copyright owner. Wikimedia Commons maintains a list of hundreds of resources that provide graphics and images in the public domain:

Creative Commons

Many content creators make their work available under a Creative Commons license, a voluntary addition to copyright that allows others to use their creations without seeking permission. There are several different Creative Commons licenses, so make sure you understand what is expected of you if you use a resource in the Creative Commons.