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15 Years Later: The Cincinnati Riots & the Future of the City: Home


This guide provides resources to the Xavier community in support of a series of events scheduled for January and February 2016 as part of the Ethics, Religion, and Society Series that will focus on the 2001 Cincinnati riots and the civil unrest that followed the highly publicized shooting of an African American man by a Cincinnati Police officer. This guide provides both historical context for the riots, including the circumstances that led up to their occurrence and the much heralded Collaborative Agreement that followed a year later, as well as related articles and videos about more contemporary events, community/police relations, and race. 

Schedule of Events

Over the Rhine Town Hall, February 2, 2016. 7:00pm. Cintas Center. Part of the Ethics, Religion and Society Series, Xavier University hosts this look back 15 years after the riots and civil unrest of 2001 changed Cincinnati's approach to policing and communities, and a look forward to how in light of more recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore we might learn from our history. For more information, contact Gabriel Gottlieb, Professor of Philosophy, and Director E/R/S.

In addition to the Town Hall, Xavier is sponsoring two events that further examine Xavier's unique role following the riots, and the innovative document that was produced through extensive community conversations following the unrest: 

Thursday, January 21, 2016 4:00p.m  A Conversation with Father Michael Graham, SJ, Dr. Gene Beaupre, and Kelly Leon about Xavier University's role following the riots of 2001.  Location: Conaton Board Room. For more information, contact Sean Rhiney, Eigel Center.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 7:00pm  A Conversation with the Honorable Susan J. Dlott, Federal Judge about the Collaborative Agreement, and the parties and process that produced this historic document. For more information, contact Cheryl Jonson, Criminal Justice.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 7:00pm  The Armed Man 2016. This musical event about 2001 includes music by Kaleel Skeirik and lyrics by Tyrone Williams. Location: Gallagher Theater. For more information, contact Kaleel Skeirik, Music Department.



For more information contact:

Gabriel Gottlieb

Collaborative Agreement and Community Oriented Policing

Over-the-Rhine, April 2001