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Information Literacy Assignments: Library Goals & SLOs

Goal 1 - FIND

The information literate student will be able to construct a variety of high-quality, efficient search strategies, and utilize them across different platforms and technologies to FIND relevant information to inform his or her research.

Goal 1 Student Learning Outcomes

1.       Define the information need based on a research topic, identify keywords that describe the topic, and construct and implement effectively-designed search strategies using the keywords.

 2.       Identify a variety of types and formats of potential information resources, select the most appropriate retrieval systems, and retrieve the resources using a variety of methods.


The information literate student will be able to EVALUATE the accuracy and validity of the information he or she finds, in order to inform his or her critical thinking processes.

Goal 2 Student Learning Outcomes

1.       Assess the quantity, quality, and relevance of the search results, identify potential gaps in the information retrieved, and refine or expand the search strategy using alternative information retrieval systems or investigative methods as needed.

 2.       Examine information from various resources to determine reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, and timeliness; identify the purpose and audience of the information; and recognize prejudice, deception, or manipulation in the information.


The information literate student will be able to USE and manage information appropriately, ethically and legally.

Goal 3 Student Learning Outcomes

1.       Demonstrate how to use information for a specific purpose, including organizing resources in support of thesis or purpose; and use multiple sources appropriately for research requirements.

 2.       Demonstrate an understanding of intellectual property, copyright, and fair use; understand and avoid plagiarism; cite sources consistently using appropriate documentation style; obtain, store, and disseminate information in a legal manner; and comply with institutional policies on access to information.