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Xavier University Disc Golf Course: Learning to Play

A guide to the University's Disc Golf Course, playing disc golf, and helpful websites

There are plenty of videos and resources to help you learn how to play disc golf. Below are some suggestions that will help you get started. One thing you have going for you is that the Xavier disc golf course is great for beginners and is lots of fun.

Video instruction - grip, forehands, and backhands

Video instruction - putting

Tips for beginners

Some tips to get you started...

  1. Both the forehand and backhand throws should move straight until the disc is released this is a key for both control and distance.
  2. Learn to throw by using your putter first and try to throw as smoothly and straight as you can.
  3. Both your arm angle and the "nose" angle of the disc should be close to flat.
  4. Distance is acheived by throwing the disc fast and with a high rate of spin. Both backhand and forehand spin is generated by the wrist on the release of the disc. This is called "snap." You can watch a lot of videos on this and it will seem like no two will agree on how best to achieve this.

Really helpful websites