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Core Diversity Flag: Student Learning Outcomes

This website was created to provide faculty members with information regarding Diversity-Flagged courses in the Core Curriculum.

Core SLO 4a

“This course is part of the Xavier Core Curriculum, which aims to develop people of learning and reflection, integrity and achievement, in solidarity for and with others.  It addresses the following core learning objectives at the introductory level:

4a: Students describe and analyze how the complex multifaceted character of society can influence one’s position in society, life chances and worldview in relation to one another.

Additional Required SLO

The Diversity Curriculum Committee has also adopted a second SLO for all diversity courses, and its text must also be included in syllabi for diversity courses:

Students demonstrate an understanding of and provide examples of how complex social locations shape the life chances of diverse groups of people across the globe.

Assessment of SLO

To clarify the learning outcomes for students and to make the assessment process easier, we ask that you also include the following explanation in the syllabus after each SLO:

In [course # and name] students do this by [doing these specific, required activities].