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Human Trafficking Resources: GET INVOLVED

GENERATE AWARENESS. Tell others about what you know. Spread the word. Awareness is key to ending human slavery.

GIVE. Donate money directly to organizations fighting on the front lines. Or, shop Fair Trade Certified. Make a purchase and give back at the same time. 

GO. Volunteer somewhere. Doesn't have to be far. Give your time and you will get so much back.


You're off to a good start by visiting this Research Guide! 

Take the quiz to find out how many slaves work for you.



Give to any organization listed in the Freedom Organizations tab.

Want to give and get something back? You can shop Fair Trade Certified or specifically shop freedom businesses!


Freedom Businesses

BETTER WAY DESIGNS: apparel and home goods


MENDED: textiles for home

SARI BARI: blankets, bags, home decor


SPARROW HOUSE BOTANICALS: bath & beauty products


Volunteer with an organization listed in the Freedom Organizations tab!

There are all kinds of opportunities:

  • local, national, international, or online!
  • short term or long term
  • internships, fellowships, volunteer and careers 

Another great way to go is with a local church or group.