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Computer Science Community Engagement Project - Poverty: Home

How can Computer Scientists help end poverty?

Our Mission

The Computer Science Department at Xavier University is taking on a two year community engagement project. We will be exploring the issue of poverty in our community and looking at how computer scientists can aid in bring Poverty to an end. We spent the first semester exploring the issue of poverty. We attended a Big Hunger talk and held a poverty simulation.  We are now brainstorming problems that we can work on to help the community.

How can you help?

Looking for a way to get involved here in Cincinnati.  Check out some of these organizations!

Do opportunities abound?

Ever wonder how your opportunities compare to others here in America?

What are we currently doing?

We currently working on several different problems around the current topic.

  • We are trying to optimize shuttle routes for taking second chance citizens to employers.
  • We are developing an app to help students locate free food events across campus.
  • We are running a store simulation to better understand the limitations of programs like SNAP.

The Relationship between Poverty and the 2020 Census

Understanding the Problem

These items will help you better understand the issue of poverty and the many factors affecting people in poverty.


These links will aid in giving you insights into what people who live in poverty are going through.