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OneDrive for Faculty: Home


OneDrive is a valuable addition to your tech toolbox as it ensures that you:

  • Never lose your work from a computer failure, technical issue, or power outage ever again.
  • Have access to all of your files from any computer with internet access.
  • Can not only share files, but can also collaborate with colleagues and students in real time.
  • Will (probably) never run out of storage with your 1 terabyte of space (that's the equivalent of 1000 one gigabyte flash drives).

Accessing OneDrive from a Web Browser

OneDrive can be accessed from the Office 365 Outlook Web App by selecting OneDrive from the app drawer in the upper left corner.  


Installing OneDrive on a Computer, Phone, or Tablet

Although not required for most functionality, a OneDrive program can be installed on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. Installing OneDrive on your computer creates a directory that automatically sends files saved there to OneDrive online. This allows you to seamlessly and effortlessly back up all of your files. You can also share files with others from here.

Download the OneDrive installer from Microsoft.

Install the OneDrive app from the Play Store.
Apple iOS
Install the OneDrive app from the App Store.

OneDrive Support

You aren't alone! Microsoft has extensive tips and tutorials available.

If you still have questions after visiting Microsoft's resources, direct any additional OneDrive questions and issues to the IT Help Desk.