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DRAFT: Library Tutorial

Learn how to use the library resources.

Library Tutorial Introduction

Welcome to the Xavier University Library Research Tutorial!

In this tutorial you will learn how to find and understand information sources, as well as how to evaluate and use them correctly.

This tutorial contains 2 parts that are divided into 3 lessons each. 

  • Part 1 shows students how to get started with library research.
  • Part 2 provides students with a deeper understanding of information sources.

The lessons are listed in a suggested order of completion, but users may complete any lesson as needed. 

  1. Be sure to complete each part in the order in which they are presented by completing each tab within each page and by using the "Next" buttons available at the bottom of each page.
  2. At the end of the tutorial you will find options for contacting a librarian for help with your research.
  3. The Quiz is a great way to test your comprehension of what you learned in the tutorial. Your instructor may require that you take it.

Faculty Information
Interested faculty can have the tutorial content added into their courses by the librarians.
For questions about the tutorials, contact Christine Mueller at

Library Tutorial Lessons

Tutorial Navigation

The following lessons will guide you through the process of performing library research and of understanding information sources.

Each page will contain a graphic to let you know where you are at in the process with the current lesson circled in orange.

The Library Research Process


Select the "Next" button at the bottom right of this page to get started.