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LaTeX: 3) LaTeX Markup

LaTeX is a document preparation system that creates beautifully and consistently-formatted documents. It can be used for any document (articles, papers, letters, books) in any discipline, but is especially strong at typesetting mathematical formulae.

LaTex Markup

It is easy to enhance your document with special formatting like bold, italics, section headings, and lists. Many popular commands are listed here for your reference. You can copy/paste them from here, or Texmaker will autocomplete each command as you begin typing them.

As with anything else in LaTeX, the structure of a command is consistent:


There are optional arguments in many LaTeX commands (found in parenthesis between the command and the wavy brackets), but they are not discussed in this guide.



\textbf{This is bold}.


\textit{This is in italics}.

Bulleted Lists

\item This is an item.
\item This is another.

Numbered Lists

\item This is the first item.
\item This is the second.

Sections, used to keep your document well organized (there are multiple levels)

\section{Section Title}
\subsection{Subsection Title}
\subsubsection{Sub-subsection Title}


% Anything here is a comment and will not show in your compiled document.