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LaTeX: Home

LaTeX is a document preparation system that creates beautifully and consistently-formatted documents. It can be used for any document (articles, papers, letters, books) in any discipline, but is especially strong at typesetting mathematical formulae.

Introduction to LaTeX

This guide will help you get comfortable with the basics of LaTeX (pronounced "Lay-tech") and create your first document in under an hour. Instead of going through the specifics of each markup item, we will focus on quickly creating a beautiful document and worry about the intricacies later. Because of this, it is important to work through each of the above tabs in order.

Although there are many ways to write in LaTeX, this guide assumes you are using MiKTeX (backend) and Texmaker (frontend). Both programs are cross-platform, so make sure they are installed on your computer before you begin (they can be installed in any order).

The Library offers more advanced resources when you are ready to explore beyond the scope of this guide.

Use LaTeX if you:

  • want a beautiful, consistent document without having to wrestle with the formatting yourself.
  • need to showcase mathematical formulae.
  • want to automate the creation of complex items like indices, footnotes and bibliographies.
  • are submitting to a journal that requires it.

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