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Library Resources: HRD Guide to Finding Empirical Research: Home

Step by Step Guide to the Research Assignment

HRD Research Project Step by Step

Step 1  Read Assignment thoroughly

Step 2  Brainstorm topics/ideas with self/others

Step 3  Click on the Databases Tab above

Step 4  Search for articles using your keywords using multiple databases (2+ required for assignment); make sure you’re finding full-text articles via the library or Interlibrary Loan. (3+ separately titled journals required for assignment; max of 2 studies outside the US; no more than 2 articles from the same author).

Step 5  Review articles & determine if they are relevant to your topic.

Step 6  Develop & refine your problem definition & hypothesis(es).  Complete Appendix B.

Step 7  Review Brenda’s comments on App B & continue with process outlined in assignment

Keep Track of Everything You Do! (Keywords, databases, etc.)

You can get lost in the jungle!