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Scholarship on Diversity

This Guide was created by faculty in the Gender and Diversity Studies program to help colleagues who seek to educate themselves and/or integrate scholarship on diversity into their classes. We have collected here some foundational readings in the field, understanding that while "Diversity Studies" is something of a neologism, there is a substantial body of scholarship in the multiple fields that make up diversity studies, including feminism, critical race studies, etc. The readings are arranged roughly by the areas of diversity that they address, though it is also true that much of the scholarship is intersectional in nature and therefore many entries could be listed under more than one heading. For example, black feminist theory could easily fit under both gender and race, but you will find it under race here. Furthermore, while gender and sexuality and race and ethnicity could be four separate categories, so much of the scholarship overlaps in some of these areas that you will find it under two closely related headings grouped together--"Gender and Sexuality" and "Race and Ethnicity". Readings are listed by author and title and pdf files are provided as well as a very brief indication of the course level for which the reading may be appropriate. Please send suggestions for additions to the research guide to Jodi Wyett at

Jodi Wyett, Professor of English