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Trip Location Information for AB Site Leaders: Memphis, TN

This LibGuide is organized by trip location for use by current AB Site Leaders. Within each location tab, SL's will find ideas for activities to do and places to go with their trip group during free time.

Free Time Ideas

1) Harbor Town: this is a park that sits just outside of downtown Memphis. The group can pack lunch or dinner and sit down for a conversation or relaxation while enjoying the view. The park also has hiking trails and waterfalls that are relatively easy to get to, but make sure to consider accessibility!

2) Tops Bar-B-Q: this restaurant is Memphis' original BBQ drive-in. It offers very moderate prices and would be a great place to visit if the group is free during meal time. Elvis loved this restaurant, so its got to be good. 

3) Jerry's Sno Cones: this place was voted to have the best snow cones in the city. If your group has just a little bit of free time, this would be a great place to get a quick break from it all. 

Trip Focused Ideas

National Civil Rights Museum: this museum would be a great way to connect your groups trip topic to a similar but distinct issue like civil rights. Admission is $14 for students who bring their ID. 

Letter Writing Campaign: Site Leaders and participants can write letters to Senator Bob Corker about refugee resettlement. In order to create impactful letters, the group should research specific reasons for why the current administration is cutting back on the set number of refugees allowed to enter the US. It would also be a good idea to research about Sen. Corker's past, focusing on what he has or has not supported regarding issues of refugee resettlement.