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Trip Location Information for AB Site Leaders: Wellington, CO

This LibGuide is organized by trip location for use by current AB Site Leaders. Within each location tab, SL's will find ideas for activities to do and places to go with their trip group during free time.

Free Time Ideas

1) Rocky Mountain National Park: This national park is home to almost 300 miles of hiking trails that track up and down the Rocky Mountains. This would be a great place to enjoy the outdoors and see all of the beautiful views that Colorado has to offer. 

2) Wellington Community Park: if your group needs to blow off some steam or relax after a long day, this community park would be the perfect place to visit. It offers areas for picnicking, taking a stroll around a pond, and a playground (if that's your thing). This park would be a great place to hold reflection at the end of the day--weather and time permitting. 

3) Sol de Jalisco: this Mexican restaurant has received great reviews from those who have dined in the past. It is centrally located, aesthetically pleasing, and vegetarian friendly. 

Trip Focused Ideas

Due to the nature of this trip, any cancelations of events on the itinerary will be given a substitute by the host site.