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Trip Location Information for AB Site Leaders: Chicago, IL

This LibGuide is organized by trip location for use by current AB Site Leaders. Within each location tab, SL's will find ideas for activities to do and places to go with their trip group during free time.

Free Time Ideas

1) Union Park: Union Park is located in Chicago's Park District. This park can be a fun place to eat lunch, have some down time, or take a break from the service you are doing. Union Park had several playgrounds and fun activities happening during the week. This park is free!

2) Shedd Aquarium: Shedd Aquarium is a great place to visit during a free afternoon! While tickets are on the more expensive side ($44.50), this aquarium allows for a peaceful view of fish swimming, the bay, and everything in between. If you're looking for a fun way to spend your extra money, this would be a great way to do it. 

3) Chicago French Market: The Chicago French Market is quite close to St. Leonard's and a fun place to go to after a long day. This is Chicago's only year-round, indoor market. The Chicago French Market is largely comprised of entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, and accomplished purveyors presenting foods from around the world. This is a fun, low price way to find yummy food!

Trip Focused Ideas

Chicago Justice Project (120 S. LaSalle St., Suite 1440 Chicago, IL 60603)

Mission Statement: The Chicago Justice Project (CJP) is an independent, non profit research organization. We strive to access and analyze data from criminal justice agencies to promote evidence based reforms that will better serve the justice needs of local communities.

Description: The Chicago Justice Project was founded in February of 2007 with our mission to improve communities understanding and participation with the criminal justice system. Our work is designed to remove critical roadblocks to an open and just system of policing and criminal justice policy in the metropolitan Chicago area. CJP’s goal is to give people access to the information they need to assess - and improve - justice patterns and practices in the region. CJP aims to enable effective uses of government records to address crucial concern for community residents, advocates, and other stakeholders. CJP sustains dialogues and collaboration with members of impacted communities to move this effort forward through our 15 member Community Advisory Board who range from violence against women advocates to academic experts to representatives from community based organizations. This is an organization you would want to call in advance!