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Wordpress: Writing and Posting Content

Video Tutorial

Video tutorial by Dr. Marita von Weissenberg.

Posts vs Pages

Before posting content, it is important to understand two distinct parts of your Wordpress site: Posts and Pages

  • Posts are blog entries that are displayed in reverse chronological order either on your home page or another page of your choosing. When a new post is created, it shows up on top of the older ones.
  • Pages are static, but can be updated as needed. Many sites have pages titled “About” and “Contact,” but pages can contain galleries, long-form research, resumes, and portfolios.

Both of these content types can be managed from the left menu after signing into your account.

Choose which type of content you want to add, and you will be presented with the editor. It looks and works similarly to your word processor.

Your text can be typed directly into the editor, or copy/pasted from elsewhere. Add photos and other media by using the "Add" button. Then, publish, schedule, or save a draft of your text using the buttons at the top of the page. Simple!