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Immigration and Migration - Kino Border Initiative: Humanize

Resources covering the Kino Border Initiative and Immigration and Migration in the United States

Kino Border Initiative: Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and partners begin work on border

Kino Border Initiative begins

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Women's Shelter - Nogales, Mexico

Women's Shelter - KINO - Nogales, Mexico

Women' Shelter - KINO Border Initiative (KBI).  KBI Nogales, Sonora, understands the vulnerability of women and children to abuse and exploitation.  The Women's Shelter was opened in order to provide the extra protection and services that women migrants need. 

Women's Shelter - KINO - Nogales, Mexico

The KBI rents two apartments in the buildings shown.  Migrant women who are unable to safely return to their homes or cross into the United States are housed for a few months until KBI can help them attain safe passage home or into the U.S. .  

Women's Shelter KINO, Nogales, Mexico

Migrant women face many hardships that make them a more vulnerable population.  Many women face sexual abuse while trying to cross into the U.S., are forced into the sex-trade business, have to leave children and loved ones behind in order to try to find a safe home and way to earn money in order to support their families.

Women's Shelter - KINO - Inside - Nogales, Mexico

The women that stay in the shelter are provided a home and food.  They also are provided emotional support for the traumatic experiences that most have gone through and continue to live with.  Bonds with the Priests, Sisters, volunteers, and other migrant women help to provide the needed support in order to live.

Women's Shelter - KINO - Inside - Nogales, Mexico

The migrant women staying in the shelter are taught to make crafts.  These crafts are sold to visitors of the KINO Women's Shelter and supporters of KINO Border Initiative.  The money made from these crafts are used to support all services provided by KBI.  The women also are helped to find safe work or they volunteer their services at the KINO Comedor and Shelter.

Sister Maribel Lara - KINO - Women's Shelter - Nogales, Mexico

There are so many special people that make KBI possible.  Sister Maribel Lara is one person that we met that divides her time at the Women's Shelter and Comedor in Nogales, Mexico.  They are the heart and soul of KBI.

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