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International Students: Journals & Books

A guide to information resources and community resources for International Students at Xavier University.

Newspapers & Magazines

Cincinnati Enquirer McDonald 2nd Floor Newspapers Also available Online

        Cincinnati, Ohio daily newspaper.

Die Zeit - McDonald 2nd Floor Newspapers Also available Online

        German daily newspaper

L'Express Internationale - McDonald 3rd Floor Leisure Periodicals

        French contemporary news magazine.

German Life - McDonald 2nd Floor Periodicals Also available Online

        Bilingual magazine about German culture.

Koreana -  McDonald 2nd Floor Periodicals Also available Online

         Bilingual magazine about South Korean Arts and Culture.

Xavier Newswire - McDonald 2nd Floor Newspapers Also available Online

        Campus newspaper written and produced for and by students.

Academic Journals

English for Specific Purposes. St. Petersburg, Russia: TransEarl C., 2002 -

English Language. Study and Teaching. Foreign Speakers. Business English. Technical English. 

English Journal. Urbana, IL. National Council of Teachers of English. 1997 - McDonald 2nd Floor Periodicals

English Language. Study and Teaching.

Journal of English for Academic Purposes. [electronic resource] Amsterdam: Pergamon, 2002 -

English Language, Study and Teaching, Foreign Speakers, Academic Writing.

Tapestry Journal. [electronic resource] Tampa, FL: Florida Center for Instructional Technology. 2009-2015.

English Language. Second Language Acquisition. Foreign Speakers.  Study andTeaching.



Freeman, D.E.  Between Worlds: access to second language acquisition. [electronic resource]. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2001.

Lobeck, A., & Denham, K. (2013). Navigating english grammar : a guide to analyzing real language. [electronic resource].  Chichester, England: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

Iorio, M.G. Word Town [videorecording] : basic English vocabulary. Vacalis Video. United States: Vocalis, 2000.   ESL 1st Floor McDonald  PE1097.W67 2000