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International Students: ESL Websites

A guide to information resources and community resources for International Students at Xavier University.

Websites for Practicing English

Activities for ESL Students

Bilingual quizzes, puzzles, and activities to practice grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in English

Dave's ESL Cafe - Stuff for Students

A resource for help with English slang and sayings, as well as help with verbs and pronunciation.


An online multi-language keyboard. It lets you type in your own language for when you need to paste text for internet searches or writing emails.

International Children's Digital Library

An online library with books in many languages that you may read online for free.

Many Things.Org

A website for ESL students with resources for grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading.

This website has tools for ESL learners and teachers. It has glossaries, verbs, idioms (sayings), and articles.