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Responses to suggestions submitted on the Library's website.

Thank you for your suggestions and input!  We value highly your thoughts and opinions.  

You Asked, We Listened


11/17/19. Add a link to rules/examples of how to cite sources and which format to use.---Online Citation Style Guides can be found on the Library homepage here. We also recommended visiting the Writing Center for citation help.

10/31/19. More publicity of Group Study Room policies. Students are not reserving rooms and are in rooms during reserved times.---New signs added to Group Study Room doors.

9/15/19. URL for the suggestion box should be clearer and make access to the suggestion box easier.---URL changed for easier access.9/15/19. Suggestion for Digital Media Lab.---forwarded to DML supervisor to address.

9/15/19. Technological issue with viewing pictures.---emailed patron suggesting with potential solution.

5/21/19. Faculty should be able to renew books when the first year checkout expires.---faculty checkouts were amended to allow for another year renewal, as long as there are no holds on the title

5/17/19. Please add a direct link to My Library Record on the library homepage.---Link exists under "Popular Resources" on Library homepage.  Link  has been re-worded, for better understanding, to "My Account." 

5/3/19. Umbrella checkouts for longer than until the end of the day. If it rains all day I don't want to return my umbrella because then I get wet and I am sad.---Umbrella checkouts from GSC and CLC now 2 full days.

2/10/19. Stress-relieving animals in the library.---potential for animals during final exam week.

1/7/19. Book drop outside of CLC---IN PROGRESS

11/27/18. The angel on the top of the [Christmas] tree on the first floor is the creepiest angel I've ever seen in my life.---put a new tree topper on first floor tree

11/12/18. Please put more signs around the library that enforces the "No Talking Zone." Too many people talk on the second and third floors.---more signage pending; staff will walk floors to enforce quiet areas.